Shoe Alert! Wrapped In A Bow

A major shoe alert is just brewing, and it all started from a bow! Celebrity back up dancer turned shoe designer Amina Abdul Jillil has started a shoe frenzy. Everyone is in love with her… Continue reading

High Heels = High Standards

Is there any truth to this myth? “High heels = High standards”? Ladies swear by this philosophy, no matter how much their dogs…ie feet bark!  Is it OK to say; the higher the… Continue reading

Shoe Alert: Stay Bored Or Buckle Up!

We know you wear shoes on your feet. But, are they worth being admired. Does your shoe collection scream blahhhhh?  Of course you have the basic 9-5  work attire shoes; but what about… Continue reading

Lust & Luxury With Azzedine Alaia

How expensive is your shoe lust? Must you insist on having “luxury shoes” at all cost? If so; we feel a major “shoegasm” coming your way as we introduce Azzedine Alaia’s latest shoe buzz.… Continue reading

Throwback Archives: Confessions Of A “Hot Sandal”

We see it all the time. That one “HOT SANDAL” that sends a woman gasping for air! Not only does she admire the hot sandal, but the person wearing them admires the attention.… Continue reading

Saturday Selfie: Emily B Reps For bebe’

We just got wind of this interesting “Saturday Selfie” shoebuzz. Emily B is now [Creative Director] for bebe’s fall shoe collection. At least; according to her instagram. We all know the stylist/shoe designer… Continue reading

Strapped With “Giuseppe Zanotti”

Giuseppe stays at war.  One should never bring a knife to a gun fight with this designer.  Zanotti is always “strapped”! Are they the best that ever did it? Especially when it comes… Continue reading

Call It A Comeback: Keyshia Cole Debuts New Shoe Line

Keyshia Cole is ready for her comeback. Every since last year the “outspoken R&B diva has been under a lot of criticism. Among many; she has been known for her twitter rants caused… Continue reading

Merry Christmas Shoenistas!

Merry Christmas Shoenistas! Tis the season to have #PlatinumPower once again! Leave no holds borrowed from Christmas untl you step into the New Year! Last year around this time; the holidays were all… Continue reading

Fall Alert!

  Step it up, and step out in a major way. Level next should be on your mind when it comes to your shoe game this fall. Our sexy#Shoebuzz is on all social media.… Continue reading

Neon Summer

Just a touch neon? Nope! This summer it’s all about the overflow of neon. Everyone is in love with the “neon summer” trend. For those who are scared to wear color. Get over… Continue reading

Go For The Gold!

Men, go for the gold or go home! Second place just doesn’t count when it comes to wearing the [Neo Adidas] are you brave enough to take a chance? Become a trend setter.